Finance and Marketing


The mission of the Finance Division is to ensure the financial support of the ministry of the Gospel by elevating the mindset of God’s people, stewarding God’s resources with integrity and accountability and applying God’s Kingdom principles to wealth building. We have two financial divisions:
Administrative Division: which deals primarily with the stewardship of church finances. These individuals are professional financial advisors appointed by the pastor and the church to oversee the church economy.

Stewardship Division: designed to educate, equip, and empower the Body of Christ to create, maintain, and transfer wealth according to God’s Kingdom principles through financial counseling and training.


The purpose of the Ministry: To document and communicate the vision of the pastor and the experience or (Acts) of the St. Mark 4(B) Baptist Church through various forms of personal, electronic and print communications for the edification and instruction of the Body Christ. (Habakkuk 2:1-3)

Audio Visual:
The Audio Visual Ministry supports all church events using various equipment and skilled technicians to enhance what is seen and heard. Closed-circuit video is provided for optimum visual presentations; audio is provided for clear sound quality; and video and audiotapes are provided for viewing after each event.

Public Relations Ministry: Serves to work with the entire St Mark family in planning events from start to finish. Duties include, advertising events via letters flyers and multi-media, securing meeting rooms, and coordinating hospitality needs for guest.

Publications Ministry: Responsible for all SMB publications including Newsletters, programs, flyers and calendars. All stages of publication production are handled by Publications.