The purpose of the pastoral support division is to assist the pastor in guiding all affairs of the church. These include Ministers, Elders and Deacons who have been called into service by God for the purpose of edifying the body. This division also includes the Pastor’s Aide, Prayer Band and Brotherhood, who cover the pastor in prayer and serve to support his spiritual and physical well being.

Ministers and Elders: Licensed ministers, teachers and evangelists called by God to proclaim and teach His word and support the Pastoral vision of The St. Mark 4(B) Baptist Church.

Deacons/Deaconess: Faithful servants chosen and ordained by the pastor and the church to provide spiritual assistance, advice and prayerful support to the pastor and the members of the St. Mark 4(B) Baptist Church.

Pastor’s Aide: Faithful attendants who serve to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the pastor by providing him with essential resources and covering him in prayer.

Prayer Band: Prayer warriors and intercessors called to pray and intercede on behalf of the Senior Pastor, the Elders, Ministers and their families. They pray scriptures over every worshiper who enters the doors on Sundays and Wednesdays. They pray for each auxiliary of the church and intercede on their behalf.

Women’s Ministry: This ministry is uniquely designed to touch the hearts of all women. The goal of this ministry is, to serve and pray for the needs of the 1st lady, teach, encourage, equip and empower women to grow spiritually, and to become unified in sisterhood as they learn to bless each other.
Kingdom Knights: Faithful men called into a brotherhood to serve and defend the church, the pastor, each other and the Kingdom of God. They serve as Armor bearers for the pastor, mentors for young men and women, defenders of the faith and proclaimers of the gospel. They are also called to hold each other accountable to the Bible’s instruction on what and how a man should be.