Christian Education


The Christian Education Ministry uses a holistic approach to disciple each soul into a deeper and stronger relationship with Jesus Christ by evangelizing, ministering and teaching God’s word and His principles. It is committed to ensuring that opportunities for spiritual growth and continued education are made available to the membership, a commitment based upon Matthew 28:19-20, wherein Christ commissioned His followers to teach all nations to observe all of the things He commanded. Educational opportunities are made available through the School of the Word (Sunday school) Bible study, and special classes and training sessions.

School of the Word (Sunday School): A group of faithful servants called by God into the five-fold ministry as teachers- to equip the body of Christ with practical and theological knowledge of God’s Word.
New Members Class: A class designed to train and instruct new members and converts in the ordinances and practices of the St. Mark 4(B) Baptist Church and the Kingdom of God.

Tree of Life (Tutorial Ministry): An after school tutorial program designed to provide direct educational support to needy students, while encouraging and developing their self-esteem and enhancing their scholastic knowledge.

Youth Development: A ministry designed to equip the youth of the St. Mark 4(B) Baptist church to become disciples of Jesus Christ through biblical studies, worship, evangelism, fellowship and other youth activities. This ministry includes: The Youth Bible Study, Youth Summer Camp, Youth Athletics Ministry, and The Youth Movement Retreat.

Career Advancement Ministry: A ministry designed to aid God’s people to prepare and walk in their destiny. The ministry serves as a medium that promotes career development and advancement through computer training, educational and employment assistance.